What if I don't wanna be part time girl?


Here is my situation:

I and my boyfriend are together over 2 years. Last year I broke up for 2 months then gave him a chance but this time I want him to text me as much as he can or want him to see me Fri-Sat-Sunday. He texted me whenever he went out or saw me three times in a week. He usually drives through the highway and pay $13 every time he sees me.

All of a sudden, his actions changed towards me and started tocomplain that I never sacrifice for him even though I did. He told me that he spoiled me too much and I get used to be comfortable and has to be 50-50. But for me to go his house takes me 2 hours and I do not drive.

I offered him to meet up in the middle but during the day.This way it will be 50-50 and I will go back to home by bus. He was mad and told me "He also wants to see me at night" but I wasn't happy that one because it will not be 50-50 and he will complain what he did later on or he was not happy about my suggestion. All of a sudden, he asked me"so how are we gonna have sex? you will not come to my house anymore? I told him, "unless it is a family thing, I will not be there"

He was pissed and fought.

I do not wanna be part time because he told me whenever he can, he will see me. I gave him a chance and he promised me that I won't be part time but now everything is going back to past.

What should I do?


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  • It seems like both of you are uncomfortable with compromise. Here are the issues I see:

    -You don't want to travel 2 hours unless there is a family event

    -He doesn't want to have to travel to you every single time

    -Meeting in the middle means you don't have time to be intimate

    Why don't you go to his house on the weekends? Stay for a night or two? Then the time traveled is worth it and you have time to be alone and have sex. If you have commitments, just stay one night if possible. Rearrange schedules so that it's possible. Then another day he can come visit you for the day or stay the night.

    You BOTH need to sacrifice, this is true. But if you can't make it work, maybe this long distance thing is too difficult and you should part ways.

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