I giggled! what the hell?

long story kind of short, I like this guy we talked we hit it off and things were going great then one night we were watching a movie and he kissed me so I kissed back and just when things were going further.. I giggled.. my face immediately turned red but he just laughed.

guys how would you react to a girl suddenly giggling when your kissing her?


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  • I would think it would be hilariously cute and proceed to kiss her again. Knowing that she was comfortable around me would give me the confidence to kiss her again, perhaps even tickle her. Seeing a girls face blush when I've really connected with her emotionally is so sweet.

  • This shows a girl is actually enjoying being with me,not just going along with me. Plus, a girl who is embarrassed, she's not a hardened operator, if I had any doubts about that, they'd be ended with the giggle.

    • Yes, I agree. Sounds like she hasn't been kissed much before, either that or not by someone really felt good vibes with.

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    • its not like it was my first kiss or anything but I have NEVER giggled while kissing a guy before.. I don't understand why it happened with him.

    • You're were a bit nervous most likely because you were highly attracted to him. It is a perfectly normal emotional response when around someone that is pushing all the right buttons.

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