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i ask this girl I know to hang out but she is legit busy all the time. School and work during the week. Some free time Saturday after work then church Sunday and works after church. I ask her to hang out probably every two weeks or so. We went sledding like a month ago and I havnt seen her since but we txt. So would that annoy u?

only interested in being friends with her btw


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  • Yes. I would go after someone who is more available. Unless you don't mind seeing her once a month or so.

    • @ update. Then text her less and lower your expectations. Plan spending time a week or so in advance

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    • Then what is the problem? :/

    • well... I was seeing if it would annoy you in this situation. Your friend asking to use what little free time you have to hang out

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  • She's got a lot going on so chances are she's probably worth waiting for! I'd continue to try and hangout with her and maybe as you two get closer she'll start to move some things around and make more time for you.

  • hell yeah, because if I'm obviously showing/trying to invest my time with a person and they contine to be waaayyy to busy then, hell, eff it!and they better not call mewhen theyre bored! lol, but at one point we all get a break...


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