He didn't want me to have feelings for him. He likes Flings...

Okay. So I started this new thing and a lot of people mu age go there. There's this one guy...prince charming in every way, buttrttt he can be a little odd..like he's only had one real girlfriend, and he said he doesn't like serious relationships..therefore, he has flings with multiple girls. He described it as lip locking, having fun, and just basically friends with benefits type of ordeal. .. He flirts a lot with me, yet he does it to every girl. We have a lot of overnight trips l up, and it might be awkward because he knows I have little crush on him.. But oh well.he said he didn't want me to have feelings for him? Yet he always flirts with me? He is also hinting sorta that he wants to have a fling with me...what does this all add up to?

I agree with all of you guys...and I said he was prince charming because he is really smart, yet gorgeous, very religious, very athletic, plays instruments(piano), sings in choir, great personality EXCEPT for his flings and relationships


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  • The only thing I am getting from this is that he wants to add you to his list of flings/hook ups.

    He made it clear what he wants. He is just flirting with you to see if you give that attention back to him (on his part he hopes that will get you in bed with him.)


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  • It all adds up to - you're just a fling! youve said it already and you know the answer to this question, you will have no relationship with this guy, and he is not prince charming at all! Be careful who you get involved with because at the end of the day , you will be the one who gets hurt.

    Good Luck.

  • he's just trying to have sex or at least make out with every girl he can and you aren't ugly enough to disqualify.

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