Ladies, would you date me?

I'm only asking as a confidence boost because I'm not the most outgoing person. So...

I am a 16yr old junior in high school. I've been playing the guitar for 7 years, the bass for 4, the uke for 3, and have been singing since I watched my first disney movie(haha). I have a band. I am rather athletic. I played 3yrs of baseball, 2yrs of soccer, 2yrs of jiu jitsu, 2yrs of paddeling(outrigger canoe, I'm from the island of Guam) and 5yrs of volleyball. Despite my love of sports, I'm 5ft 9in at 220lbs. I longboard, and play airsoft as my major hobbies. My favorite movies are "Battle: Los Angeles" and "Dear John". My favorite TV show is NCIS. My favorite bands/artists are Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Limp Bizkit, and some NSYNC(don't judge me). My favorite song as of right now is "Live High" by Jason Mraz.

So tell me ladies. Would you date me?

Oh and when I said I'm not the most outgoing person, I didn't mean I'm like a puss. I just get nervous.


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  • Hey. I'm sorry to say but that's not the right kind of information to know. I'd have to interact with you. I didn't like some of my exes interests, but I liked him. You've gotta have a connection. They've gotta make you smile and laugh.

    But from your list, sounds pretty cool. =D

    • Thanks for that Shazam but I meant just going off of that info. Just wanted to know if women found me interesting.

    • That is interesting, yes. :) I liked how many sports and musical instruments you've played.

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  • Yeaa that's interesting lol, I'd date you :) there's your boost lol

  • Totally! And I love NSYNC. Their songs were awesome, until they broke up. (tears)

    • I hear you. What was your fav song?

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    • You could say that.

    • Ah yeah. Haha

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