In dating a friend is taking things slow the best idea?

We've already hit the point where it's no longer 'hanging out' it's definitely dating, we go out to dinner maybe twice a week together, always walk arm in arm or hold hands, frequently kiss at the end of the night, and after drinking last weekend I stayed at her place. We agreed from the start no sex, but it was clear we both really wanted it as well.

Is it a good thing to be taking things slow like this for now? We've been friends for over a year, we weren't able to date until she came back from her internship overseas but since then we've been seeing each other often. She told me straight up she doesn't want to lose me as a friend either though, I'm easily one of her best friends.

I'm just hoping I'm the only best friend she's slept next to and kissed repeatedly.

Is this going at a decent pace though for only being around each other for a month? Neither of us have ever been in a real relationship anyway so I'm not even sure how to bring up being an official bf/gf...


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  • Taking things slow is always the best thing. You go the pace that you guys need to go. Whether that is snail slow or cheetah fast. If you want her as a girlfriend and not a hook up, go slower. That will let her know that you actually care about her and not just the physical part of that.


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