He never texts me first. so confused, help.

I'm talking to this guy who just got out of a 2 year relationship and he seems a little foreign to flirting and communicating with a girl because he basically never texts me. I'm always the one checking in to see if he'll want to hang out. (he's usually busy with football, school, etc) despite the fact that we went on a great date, it's like he just left it at that. we might go out again soon but HE NEVER TEXTS ME.

he has told me he wants to see me again but I don't know what to make of it. he's a nice guy.

Is it normal for someone who's "newly single" to act like that?


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  • Maybe he never texted his ex. Some guys are like that. It seems like girls like to text more then guys. So I think it's normal even though not all guys are like this. He seems laid back. I think it's good that you text him. To him it should show him that you care and like him. Some guys are slow to read between the lines. Maybe he still might be hurt over the break up and it might take him some time to heal. Being with somebody for two years then being single takes some time to get over.


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