When couples kiss..how do they know when to let go and when to continue kissing?

I'm curious is all. I've yet to kiss a boy. When couples kiss..how do they know when to let go and when to continue kissing? I mean how does that work? Like what if one person can hold their breathe for a minute and the other can only hold it for 20 seconds. And when do you stop making out and going on with other business. I'm oh so curious! :P


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  • Hahaha, this is so cute, you usually take hints from the other person... lol.. when it comes to knowing when to stop. I mean essentially you go with the feeling, when you feel like moving to something more, you can do it whilst your kissing, and progressing that way (which is better IMO) or you can just do start on the next thing. It's all about your feelings and understanding your partner's feelings.

    • Lol. Thanks. I've just always wondered. Because no one ever talks about that...ha ha..they just talk about how the kiss made them feel inside and how good or bad the kiss was or whatever...no one talks about when you do what. heh heh. Thanks for answering! :P

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    • Haha, OK, understood.

    • Kay. cool. :)

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  • Mmm, it depends. I normally take the lead with my girlfriend and we'll make out for a bit until I stop and pull back, we open our eyes and make eye contact, and I give her one last short kiss before we do something else.

    ... That is to say, we are only limiting ourself to making out ;)

    • Ha ha...loved that wink at the end. Ah I see. What if your girlfriend doesn't want to stop kissing you and won't pull back? ;) ;) *wink wink*..lol.

      Thanks for answering. And also...I could be wrong but judging by your thumbnail...are you an anime fan? Or is that a picture of something else?

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    • ...I also like Trinity, Blood Plus...but never finished it...too much blood for my taste..ha ha. And obviously Pokemon and Digimon and Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z...who doesn't like those or never watched them? lol.

    • Add me and lets compare anime :P

  • Don't hold your breath while kissing LOL

    • Oh yeah ha ha that is quite true. I never thought about that, because it feels so natural to breathe while kissing. Breathe through your nose :P

    • Lol. wait...so you breathe while you kiss? I thought it was like you kiss and then sneak in little breaths between each pause. But you breathe while you exchanging the kiss? Why didn't I think of that...lol...oh yeah..because I've never kissed a guy before..blehhh. -_- Anywho..thanks for answering! :)

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