Most Stickiest Love Triangle, what should I do?!

Well, I really have got into a very sticky situation I have been dating this guy for 3 months and everything has been going pretty good and now he is starting to take me to family functions and I met his family and I really like them. I really enjoy spending time with his family but I have developed a friendship with his brother who is only a year a part from him. We just get along really well and there's great chemistry between the two of us. I know we like each other but we Haven't acted on it. But my boyfriend is starting to notice and its causing arguments between my boyfriend and his brother. I get butterflies when ever I see his brother but don't get me wrong I like my boyfriend but its just not the same but I don't want to be stuck with someone that may not be for me. Feeling really guilty. My question is "Do I stay with my boyfriend or do I go for the brother or just back off completely from the both of them?"

Thank you guys for the honesty! =)


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  • back off from the both of them if your not willing to leave the brother alone, because you could because a rift between the siblings that really could be avoided, and this rift could last a while, so why damage something that's fine with out your damaging thoughts, would you be OK with your sister having sex with your boyfriend or boyfriends brother in this case? act on that thought...


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  • If you don't want the boyfriend I would not go for the brother. I doubt that would last or workout well.

  • Don't go for the brother. There is no way that could ever end well. EVER!


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  • "The grass is always greener on the other side". Do you and your boyfriend have any problems lately? Not because of the brother but because of things between you two?

    How well do you know his brother? If you don't know him very well yet, maybe the attraction comes from the mystery about him. If you love your boyfriend, my opinion is to stick with him.

    Why do you think he's not right for you?

    And by the way, IF you would go for his brother, there would be a lot of problems within the family and your boyfriend would be crushed, not just because of the break up but because you'll be dating his own brother..

    • Agreed. I mean you relationship with his brother may work but NOBODY will respect you- friends will talk behind your back, his wouldn't understand how he can do that to his brother, only support you can get will be from your family.. Only! I must admit that once I was in similar situation but I told my brother and to that girl that I'd rather slice my whole right arm than to break my brothers trust. In life through years to show you're a good person but it only takes a second to be complete jerk

    • Yeah, I agree.

      Sorry if I sound a bit blunt but if I were in his situation and my boyfriend would start something with my sister, I'd never talk to them again.

      On the other hand, if you're sure he's the love of your life and he's worth all the drama, go for it.

      If your boyfriend now notices that you and his brother "belong together", I guess it wouldn't be so bad. But expect a lot of drama, and I mean a lot...

      It all depends a lot of stuff...

  • "While you were sleeping", anyone?

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