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Okay so I'm in a 'GAME' atm as yous would say, I need advice on contact with guys if they stop or reduce contact what does this mean, lose interest, waiting for me to initate, what? Problem is I have been initiating contact, but I don't like to feel I'm being messed around so iv also backed off to see if he makes an effort, problem is I'm too stuborn and I feel like I'm making him feel like iv no interest what so ever now, I don't know how to handle this, guys are such complicated species :)


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  • If a guy stops contacting you that normally means he wants you to call or text first or maybe he lost a little interest. And true it coudl feel like you put in all the work and then you feel like it's a waste or your being played. Everything comes with risk and chance. Sometimes it s good to back off to see if he cares. But some guys are clueless, shy and can be stuborn like you. It seems like he doesn't like to call or text a lot unless if you do it first. Some guys are like that. And lol girls are a complicated species just like guys.


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  • lol you think girls are any easier? Girls are like 100 times more complicated.

    To be honest if a guy makes no effort, then he is not interested in you. Men are very easy to figure out, when we like something we go for it ( as men are very competitive), when we don't, we really don't make an effort.

    I would say just move on.

  • Maybe he is just playing it cool and seeing if you initiate contact first, I guess guys are capable of that but I can't help but get hold of a girl I like, like everyday sometimes so it might not be a good sign that he has slowed down with the contact

  • Well lessening contact can be a sign of losing interest but it could also be that he has had a busy week. If you have feelings for someone don't give up on it, unless specifically told to. There isn't a universal answer. Just follow your heart and you won't have regrets. ^^


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