He has problems but I have faith in him... am I really stupid?

We started dating a little over a month ago, and I can say we're definitely an odd couple. I'm a "good girl"; I'm close with my family, I don't get into trouble, I'm going to college, etc. He, on the other hand, is a recovering drug addict who never went to school and is on parole for an assault charge. But he's good to me and I know he's trying to get better.

Well no one I know approves of us dating. They say he's trouble, that I can do better, that they don't wanna see me mess myself up, and so on and so forth. But I believe in him and I know if he gets all his junk taken care of, it'll be worth it. And I'm positive that I'm never gonna get caught up in drugs or anything like that; I have morals and I stick to them. But I also know I'm really naive and I don't always make the best decisions.

So with everyone I know telling me to leave this guy, it's making me question my choice to stay with him. Does everyone else see something that I'm missing? Am I really dumb to keep dating this guy?


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  • Give a little bit

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    See the man with the lonely eyes

    Take his hand, you'll be surprised

    sorry. Aha. Anyways! I mean it all depends on the person I believe. Some people will and can only change if they want to. It really has nothing to do with other people for the majority and I believe that the recovery will last a lot longer because it was for him and his choice and not forced into something else. Everyone has their ups and their downs and I mean downs but sometimes its nice to have someone who truly cares for you to be there. If he is outright mistreating you and using you than I would leave him but if he is actually trying and put forth an effort than I would stick around. It may not be the healthiest thing to be in a relationship with someone in that situation but its truly up to you if you want to risk it and stay or leave. Everything has its risk..If you see a future with this guy and he actually is making a commitment to stay clean and do right then who are other people to judge. We all make mistakes. No one can tell you what is right for you but you. Hope it helps.


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  • Like most women in love, you get caught up in the drama of it all. You've convinced yourself that he can change for you, and that in the end, all the suffering will be worth it. Unfortunately, that only works in movies. So many girls waste precious years of their lives on these fantasies, only to wake up ten years later with nothing to show for it, still desperately clinging to the fantasy of what they believe might happen.

    All of those people who are telling you to leave, have seen this happen time and time again. They don't want to see you live the cliche, they want to see you ultimately happy, and they don't believe that will be the outcome of the current path you're on.

    So you can either trust in their judgement, or you can trust in the fantasy. It's your choice.

  • Drug addict, never went to school. I'm pretty sure you can do better


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  • ever hear the saying "when nine people say you are drunk and you say you are sober, lie down"?

    well, yeah. this is one of those things where you are being stupid and you should listen to everyone else.