Old "fb" who is soon to be married still texts me.

I was wondering what people might think my old fb's reasoning's would be for randomly texting me at times and talking about things we used to do or asking for advice on what to buy at the sex store for a Valentine's day gift for his soon to be wife.

He's also joked (twice within the last 2 months) about meeting up with me to give me the "facial" he never got to give me during our year of hooking up. He joked about ground rules or no eye contact or no physical contact and so on.

What do you think is the reason he still brings this up from time to time? We are friends and well he quit being friends with me for a brief period of time because I told him he's rushing into a marriage and that it probably won't last. He got over it and we're friends again and he apologized and liked my honesty.

If you have any questions let me know! But I want advice!


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  • He is keeping you as his back up plan after he is married. Nothing more

    • No...he won't cheat on her and I wouldn't let him cheat. Nowwwwwww if I'm still single and they separate then of course!

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