Is it possible to like someone who your friends/family don't care for?

I really like this guy, but everyone thinks he's so annoying and cocky and arrogant. They get so annoyed when he speaks. He doesn't really annoy me at all. I think his cocky side is kind of funny.. I know he doesn't actually take himself THAT seriously. anyways, I like him, but my family, brother, friends think he can be super annoying. Can I like someone like that? Am I blind to his selfishness or do I just see the good side of him that others don't?


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  • You understand his personality and they don't. I have come across this problem also. I am very sarcastic at times and I joke with a straight face. If you do not know we well enough you might assume things about me that aren't true.

    If you like him go for it! Your family/friends can't dictate everything you do. You are an adult and its okay for you to make your own choices and mistakes.

    Give your friends/family some time maybe they will understand him as well as you do, eventually. And if they don't who cares! As long as he treats you well then that is what really matters.

    • Aw thanks! I think you're right. Might as well take the chance. I think it would bother me if I didn't

    • Go for it! Good luck. I hope it works out for you.

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  • Of course you can like him^^ though it may turn out that your family and friends were right. Take the chance.

    • ah yeah, that's scary! maybe it's not even worth the risk?

    • Well that's your choice but better to risk and lose then to never have...

    • I agree... I don't know if I could not take the risk and be okay wondering haha

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  • If you can tolerate him that's all that matters, its you two in the relationship.

    • haha hmm agreed... maybe I will go for it

  • it really depends how extreme his personality is. if they just think he's annoying or a bad guy is where the difference lies. if he's just "annoying" it isn't such a big deal, if they think he is going to hurt you it is another.

    you could be blind too though, definitely. sometimes families and friends don't like someone for a stupid reason, other times they are justified

    • hm that's a good point! I don't think they think he's a bad person at heart, just talks about himself alll the time

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