Please please help. I'm lonely.....did I ruin everything?

so I met this guy like a month ago and the second time we hung out (both times with a small group) was new years and we kissed at midnight and exchanged numbers...I finally texted him a few weeks later and we texted a little and I suggested hanging out...we kinda said we would the following weekend...I texted him on wednesday and asked if he wanted to come get drinks with me and a few friends and he asked where and I told him and that was it...when I said we should hang out the first time I implied a small group and he said we...did he mean just us...did I ruin everything?


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  • oooh.. you might have ruined it lol. from what I understood it was the guy and you. Not the guy and you+friends. :/ you can always change plans though, but you better have a good excuse lol and an even better hangout place to go to (restaurant, movie whatver)

    • Any suggestions on how to fix this

    • Just say that you found a better place to go to and that it'll be only you two. try to make it kinda special or fun.... otherwise just tell the truth and say to him that you want to havea date (maybe not in those words) and that he should meet you somewhere where you cna both walk to that special place (entertainment, restaurant, etc)

      honestly I don't have much chance with the girls these days....... I've had a very long dry spell. :X

      good luck! sometimes being honest is the best course of action

    • So I'm kinda burned out of fresh romantic ideas :(

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  • It wasn't you - it sounds like he was only making a minimal effort with you and then let it peter off.

    He just wasn't as interested in it as you were - it happens. Sometimes single guys have more than one burner going, sometimes the pot gets moved to the front burner, other times the pot is taken off the stove completely. If he was really interested, hanging around with several friends would not have been a deal breaker.

    Maybe, you'll hear from him in the future.

    Good luck.

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