When guys start sending hearts in a text does it mean his feelings are changing?

Ive been talking to this guy now for about a month. We text off and on all day and late at night. He lives about 4 hours away. We have been on 2 dates now. Have plans for this weekend and next weekend. Things seem to be going really well. He always sends smiley faces or winks when he text and so do I. And he text me Good Morning every day and always says something sweet. But this morning he said his usual good morning and sweet saying and put a heart. Kind of freaked me out a little lol. Do you think this means anything? And then today it just seems like our text are weird but maybe it just me.


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  • Boyfriend:

    "It's just you. Even if he is just being more friendly, you guys are just growing closer, there's nothing to be freaked out about."

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