Busy and not having time?

I have been dating a girl for the past 9 months and we have been pretty serious. The last month and a half we Haven't been talking much. She says she just been busy lately... However I don't get why its so hard to call or text someone. It drives me up a wall we aren't talking much... What do I do?

We text each other once a day but our conversation consists of" hey, how are you?" and the normal response then a little bit later after no response, its "well baby goodnight, Love you" and that's the way its been for about a month...
Its school that's busy, but I don't get why its so hard to text on a Saturday or Sunday


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  • hmm that isn't right. me and this guy I'm seeing, we text each other at least once a day and we are busy and I don't get emotional or anything. communication is huge.

    what exactly is wrong with her or her life that prevents her from texting you? if she's gonna keep being like that, you'll just have to tell her nicely that isn't considerate.

    If I don't like someone, I will at least have the balls to tell the guy I'm sorry I don't see you in that way. etc.


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  • I see a shipwreck...


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  • Boring relationship? Did you piss her off and not make up? She could be focusing on the bigger things in her life, her career / education.

    I suggest you express yourself, the way you expressed yourself here because it is bothering you and your looking for answers. It is dissapointing but we can't tell you what's on her mind we can only assume.