Online Dating: A twist of fate, what would you do?

I've seen a lot of stories on here where someone would meet a person online, fell in love and find out something shocking. Most of these stories involve a guy pretending to be a girl or a girl pretending to be a guy. How would you feel if you were in this situation? How would you react? Would you give that person a chance and start over or build on it? What if the only thing that is different about them is their sex?

Another common one is the person turn out to be slightly different (i.e fatter irl, unpopular, not as cool, different look, etc) How would you feel if it was something like this? Would you still give them another chance? Let say if they say they're skinny and beautiful online and you fall in love with them (mostly because of their personality). After awhile you found out they're ugly/fat irl but they're still the same person would you give them a chance?

Also if you have a personal experience that you think is relevant and you wish to share feel free to share with us. I'd like to know and I think it would make your answer a little more realistic.


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  • I haven't tried online dating and to me it seems like something where I'd have to find out moer and find out more and have more work to get to knwo someone, but there's more time involved in learnign the truth of a person when you date online.

    Already face to face, in person I have enough on my hands figuring out a guy.

    • I think dating in real life or online is a lot of work either way. There are perks and disadvantages to both. I think it might be easier to deal with a twist in a relationship where you both met irl versus one where you met online.

  • Coming from someone who has been there done that, I would just have to kick that person to the curve! I've tried online dating and it failed lol I couldn't take anymore internet dating drama and the farthest you can go with someone online isn't nearly as satisfying as having a real man right next to you.

    • That is true. We all need physical touch, a hug here and there. However, I'm more curious on the reaction part. I'm not judging online dating or anything but most of the stories I've heard are really f***ed up. I can't imagine what I would do if I was in those people's shoes.

    • I've never been in a situation like that persay! but if I was, I'd probably just cut off all contact.

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