I kissed my best guy friend?

I have an on again off again boyfriend. We get in fights almost all the time. We were apart for awhile and in that time he changed so much. He grabs my arm hard when we fight, he yells in my face and says such awful things. But I always tend to go back to him. He's my first love I guess that's why I can't let him go.

I was staying the night at my best guy friend's house (who is also a good friend of my [now] ex boyfriend) Over the past month we've been texting & hanging out more then usual. We were in his room laughing and talking & I start to push him because he said something. He pulls me into him and kisses me. I felt this spark, butterflies in my tummy something I've missed.

I don't know what to do. My on again off again boyfriend wants to work things out but I'm just not sure. I'll always care for him but I'm starting to like my guy friend now.

Question is if my [ex] boyfriend and I do get back together do I tell him what happened?

Or should I see what happens with my guy friend & I?


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  • There are two options

    1) The guy kissed you in the spurt of the moment ( probably he was quite worker=d up )


    2) He really likes you

    If option one is the answer then just try to forget it. I don't think you should tell your Boyfriend what happened, because I guess he's quite possesive about you.

    If option 2 is the answer, then its gotta be quite complicated. Wait for some time. Listen to your heart not to others. But if you ask me, I guess you should go back to your ex and tell him to be a little less aggressive and build up your relationship once more.


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