Why did he disappear?

I met a guy in 2006 in Japan and we just talked for a bit. We went to the same school at different time. We have mutual friends.

Fast forward January 5, 2012 we met again at a wedding. He then asked me to hang out every day. We hung out 3 times.

Then I came back to the US. He is also now back in the US. He texts me everyday for 30 days. Now he has not text me for 2 days.

Did he loose interest?


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  • Give him some time. It's not likely that he somehow suddenly loses interest. Loss of interests occur over a long period of time. He might just be busy at work or something.

    • He just text me right now. Thanks iXenomorph! I really appreciate it!

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    • Thanks! This is originalmountaindew by the way!

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  • Give it another 5 days. Then text him and say "hey, how are you?" Nothing more. Give him about 24 hours to answer the text, and If he doesn't respond, then he has disappeared. If he responds and talks to you, then he still is interested.

    People don't have to text every single day! Every single day for 30 days is a WHOLE lot of texting. Take it slow and add some mystery so that when you hang out you don't run out of stuff to talk about!

    • He text me! Thank you so much for your answer!

  • Is he American or Japanese ethnicity?

    • He's Asian but grew up in America.

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    • He text me! Thank you so much!

    • Great. I am very happy for you! ^^