Is it better to date a guy you think is nice but you are not crazy about?

Most dates I go on are fun and the guys are cool but you can usually tell pretty soon if you both are compatible or not. I sometimes feel like its better to go out with someone you don't have amazing chemistry with just because you have less of a risk of getting hurt. Especially if the guy is charismatic/has game, and you really like him. I went on a couple dates with this guy a while back but things faded away and he seemed distracted by other things and people. It seemed like he didn't really want to give his all and just date lots of girls because he was hurt in the past by his ex. He recently came back in my life and I feel like we shouldn't date because I don't want to get it better to just go for it or date other guys instead and forget about this?


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  • I think it's more a matter of just keeping your feelings in check, not getting high expectations for a guy you like. It just seems like you're short-changing yourself by thinking you should go on dates with nice guys rather than with guys you have chemistry with.

  • honestly? its a good recipe for heartbreak later on, either for you or him.

    you can't fight your own nature... and women just don't feel warm and tingly for ... "Nice" guys. its not BAD, it's natural.


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