Anyone else worry after a date? Or is it just me?

Just got back from a second date with this awesome girl I've been just getting to know.

Date went well. A little awkward at first like any first/second date but shortly after things started rolling. We were telling stories, talking, and making each other laugh the whole time. Didn't kiss her but I held her hand as we walked to and from our destination and put my arm around her which she was receptive to.

Long story short, after such an awesome date I come home feeling so worried. Its as if I'm not sure I did everything right or the thought of something happening where we don't see each other anymore and I miss out on this awesome girl.

For example I didn't kiss her goodbye Because I want to take things slow and I feel she does too. So we kind of had an awkward goodbye where we both were expecting more but didn't feel right showing it just yet.. So we hugged and kind of stood there mumbling nonsense and went our separate ways. Which I guess would be a "cute" typical first few dates things, but I feel like just that one moment ruined my chance with her because of the awkwardness, even though I didn't do anything wrong!

Anyway, anyone get that awful feeling where instead of being happy and excited after a date they feel uneasy that they messed it up and over think little things that probably don't matter? If so how do I make myself feel better? Was she thinking the same thing?

(keep in mind, I'm not trying to get laid. I really like this girl so things are different when it comes to showing affection quickly)

Help me feel better!


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  • Dude. Your over thinking everything. Don't even worry about it. Never have any regrets, only mistakes that will help you in the future. So what if it was awkward? The important thing is that the reason it happened the way it did is because you want to take things slow with this girl. There is nothing wrong with that. But just make sure that you call/text her in a day or two and this is what you do:

    Bring up the awkwardness from the end of the date. Say something like," Gosh I'm terribly sorry about how awkward that was." Laugh about it with her. But then tell her that the reason why you didn't kiss her is because you respect her and that you didn't want to ruin your chances with her by rushing things because you really like her. After hearing your explanation, she will just forget about how awkward it was and she'll most likely like you even more.

    Hope this helps. And maybe you could help me out. Please take a look at this situation I'm in with this girl I really like. Just go to the question section on my profile.

    • thanks man. I think you're right. I don't think not kissing her on the second date will make or break whether she likes me or not. haha. I'm not gonna bring it up with her though because after more thought I think its a natural thing to feel a little awkward after a moment like that. but yeah for sure, I'll check out your questions

    • Thanks for the BA and any help you give me. Hafa Adai from Guam!

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