To all flirts; Would you do this?

There's this guy I've known for awhile. He's generally a happy outgoing person. I've caught him checking me out, he stares at me when he doesn't think I see him and he sparks conversation for however long and lack of substance. I usually don't talk to him first because I'm rather shy. At first I thought maybe he just has a flirty nature but my question to you is, would just having a flirty nature make you more pressed to get the attention of the girl who doesn't give it to you or would you blow her off or do you think his guy might like me and I'm missing it?


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  • Personally speaking, I hate the thrill of the the chase and don't know any male friends that do..If a guy likes a girl and tries initiate a conversation, he is usually looking for some indication of interest from the girl..

    If there appears to no real response, he may back off over time especially if he is a little shy..

    Guys get rejected a lot and it can be difficult to take so they will back off to spare any embarrassment.

    If you are interested in him, give him some indication..that will help his confidence in taking things further but it would really help things along if you initiated things as well

    • From what I wrote, and from a males prospective you think he likes me?

    • I think that he does but is probably looking for some indication that you like him

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  • I think the fact that he has to chase you is what's drawing him to you. Most guys love the thrill of the chase, and that's exactly what your giving him. I'd say just roll with it. Weather he likes you at the moment or not is irrelevant. If you make him chase you, odds are he'll stay interested longer. And the longer he's interested, the more he'll start to like you. I think you've found yourself one of the less confusing types of guys :)

    • Thanks for your answer. He might just like the chase.

  • You don't give him much attention so maybe that's what he wants: your attention. Whether he likes you or not is unclear but just see where this endless flirting leads.

    • Thanks for your answer. You gave me some good insight.

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