A little bit of texting, help please?

Last week my friends with benefits asked me to go to a party with him. When I asked when and where he said he would get back to me. Now he texted me saying that it was a guy night. I was just a bit disappointed that he did not tell me I wasn't invited instead of letting me wait for him to tell me. Now he asks if we could hang out tomorrow watching a movie and 'cuddle' at his place but I have a very bad feeling that he only wants sex. I just don't feel like having sex today or tomorrow... Should I text him;

  • I don't feel like it. some other time maybe
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  • I'm busy. can't come.
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  • I can come over but I don't want to have sex.
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  • (not text him at all)
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I texted him now;

"I can come over but only to cuddle, no sex ;)"

And he texted back;

"Yes! Loads of cuddle! ;)"

So I guess I'm safe. Thank you for your help! :D


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  • If you don't mind to cuddle with him, I add your poll, " sure why not " and you can refuse to do sex later at his place. but if you are, C would be good. if he's mad then definitely he just want to have sex.


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  • you're FWB and you think it'd be for anything other than sex? lol. When will women learn FWB is silly because, truth is, the chances are the guy isn't really a friend at that point and more sees you like someone he can easily f*** with no responsibilities or such. Makes no sense to me why anyone cares for such things.

    But whatever, it's best to be honest I'd say. And just because he claims it'll be loads of cuddling I imagine he'll still try something if he's like most guys.


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