How to become official without having the talk?

We've been on 10+ dates over the past 3 months. We have a lot of mutual friends, and most of them know we're dating. He's introduced me to a lot of his friends too, including his two best friends that he'd tell everything to. On our last date, he walked me home, gave me a long sweet kiss, and held me for a really long time. We have another date tomorrow.

I think it's obvious that he's into me, and I really like him too. I just wish we were a bit more official. I have a bad experience from before, and a guy I was "dating" basically disappeared on me. So I'm scared that this guy will just disappear one day too. What can I do to reassure myself that he won't just disappear? (I'd really like him to break up with me if he gets tired of me, instead of just disappearing. But to break up, we'd first have to be kind of official!)


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  • One of my ex-es once said "umm, I know this sounds really stupid but are we like going out yet?" I thought that was really cute and obviously said yes.


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