Two guys that are friends are both trying to get with me?

So there's two guys. They both go to a different school than me, and they've both been trying to get with me for at least three months. They have the same friends and are always in pictures together, so it's pretty obvious that they're pretty good friends. What are the chances of them knowing that they're both trying to hook up with me? They both asked me to hang out with them and their friends a couple nights ago (assuming trying to sleep with me) but I'm pretty sure they were together at the same time :/


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  • do them a favor and don't do anything with either one. I was in the same spot with my best friend and this girl caused us a lot of problems. Seriously if your friends with them don't do that to them

    • Even just for hooking up?

    • yea...unless you talk to them first. Like check with both of them. It can seriously f*** stuff up

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  • Either pick one or leave them both alone. You don't want to break up their friendship and by hooking up with both of them their entire circle of friends will know you as just a peice of ass and neither one of them will respect you. Surely you don't want to be that girl...

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