Sexiest text message?

Guys and girls...what is the sexiest text message you've ever got...and why was it sexy?


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  • some girl sent me a picture message of some book and I could see she took it in her bedroom. I liked her at the time and replied with "nice room". she replied with "looks even better in person". I guess it was sexy because it said so much while saying so little. and being a guy I let that fantasy dance around in my head for a few days haha.


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  • Babe, I'm with Tina and we have wine. Were both coming home and giving you a special B-day present!


  • I don't recall ever getting one.

  • I'm too sexy to get a message like that.


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  • I saw these in the Cosmopolitan:

    "I was a BAD GIRL and spent my lunch hour shopping. You can spank me later.

    Got a new showerhead — the detachable kind. The pressure's awesome.

    There's a VIP-only party @ [fill in your address here] 2nite.

    TDTM (translation: text dirty to me)

    Don't do much @ the energy for L8R.

    Ur picturing me (a) naked, (b) in a Jacuzzi, (c) both

    Was in such a rush! 4got 2 wear a bra.

    Can I bring anything 4 our d8? Wine? Chocolate sauce?

    I'm in dressing room @ the a thong.

    Ur ass looks gr8 in those jeans.

    I'll pole dance 4 you. You bring the pole...

    Found my old cheerleading uniform. Still fits.

    Had a stressful day. I NEED you to help me unwind. Wink, wink.

    My roommate is out of town. Let's throw a party tonight — for two."

    I think they speak for themselves.