What does it mean when a guy texts "ok" or "k" - PLEASE HELP?

Hey what's up, so me and my boyfriend were texting and we ended up arguing on the texts. Thing is he was going to travel today, at 16 but I just came back from a trip yesterday, and we hadn't seen each other so I told him to postpone his trip for tomorow, then he started all this thing about me caring and liking him, then I said: "I care and like him a lot, so much that I want to see him before I see anyone else, and if he doesn't understand that, he should travel" so he replied simply "ok"...

PLEASE HELP I need to understand what goes to guys mind to reply OK, is it that you guys don't care, or you just want us think you don't care?


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  • It probably meant something like "ok I hear you", but doesn't know what to do yet.

    • Hum... I think he travelled, because he hasn't called me since. :'(

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