I need some personal advice! Should I tell my boyfriend about my guy friend?

There's a guy I know from Middle School called John. We were great friends, and he really liked me but I never liked him. When I moved away, we kept in touch for years, but he always liked me and told me he even loved me.

We still talk today (and nearly everyday), but my boyfriend doesn't know about him. John still really likes me, even though he knows I have a boyfriend. Should I tell my boyfriend? I'm just worried that he'll take it wrong and be pissed that I never told him about John before. What do you think?

Any advice is appreciated!

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  • Guys don't want to hear about other guys crushing on their girlfriends, especially a guy that she communicates daily with. I think your boyfriend will not be happy about John and the fact that you never told him about him. By telling him you'll probably jeopardize his trust in you and his feelings of security. I think honesty is the best policy in a relationship, but a delayed truth can be just as hurtful as a lie.


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  • the only reason why ud feel guilty for not telling him is if you like the other guy back. Why would your boyfriend even care.


What Girls Said 2

  • You might as well tell him. As much as you may think he doesn't wanna hear about it now, odds are he will find out the hard way.

    & it will look suspicious on your part because you kept it from him.

    Just tell him your friends with a dude who likes you but you would never classify him in that nature. If your boyfriend really likes you, he will understand, He might say for you to not see the person which is understandable.

    But it beats loosing your boyfriend because you kept it away from him.

  • id be honest and tell your boyfriend its not like you want to date him now plus if you guys are in a long relationship then you shudnt hide it

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