I'm trying to understand the guy that I'm crushing on...lol HELP?! :)

Hey everyone, going to be completely honest here. I've been crushing on a guy for quite some time now. For weeks I was hoping to get his number, or he get mine somehow, and then one day it finally came true! ha ha anyways then we started texting for weeks, and at one point I had asked him if he wanted to do something, he started out wanting to and then when the day came he couldn't in case he got called in to work (bc it was snowing and he plows for a company) So I saw that as a legit excuse. Anyways we continued texting for a while, and I'd see him on weekends at our usual place to hang out (us=college students who came home for the holidays) And then a couple weeks after that we hung out twice in a row, and it went really well. We just spent the time talking-getting to know each other. Then about a week after I really wanted to know how he felt because I started to get mixed signals. And me I'm a person that hey if you deliver the truth to me I'll be bummed of course, but I'd rather you tell me that you don't like me then say you do and really don't. Ya feel me? okay lol anyways...so I told him that I was timidly interested but was getting mixed signals and it was confusing me. He replied saying that he usually takes things slowly, so that's probably why I'm confused...

at first I took it as he was turning me down lightly, but then I came to the realization that maybe just maybe he was trying to tell me that he was interested, but he wants to take things slow. I guess I'm just confused. And just so you all know...he isn't really a guy to be talking to many girls at once. He's not a one night stand guy, he's just a real genuine guy. I really like him, and don't want to push him away. So since that night I haven't contacted him. I've just been waiting for him to come to me. (is that the right move) lol :) any advice would be greattt!


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  • um. in my opinion- don't wait for him. you may wait a really long time and nothing might happen. I would just decide whether you still want to get to know him, knowing all well that building something up will take a while. just be straight with him and text him with something like "I was thinking about what we talked about and then blah blah blah." xD


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