So I like this guy and we've been texting and it was a reeallly good conversation;) but then he stops replying...

We were both obviously enjoying our conversation A LOT! And it was going really well but then he just stopped replying to me? Did I do something wrong? Am I just over analysing everything?!


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  • I am one of the few guys out there who is really into texting girls I like... ha ha Right now I'm seeing a girl who isn't a texter at all and it totally proved to me that for the most part texting is an awful way of expressing attraction.

    This girl takes like 5 hours to respond to each text I send, yet when' we're together we're always having an awesome time.

    So I'd get to know him more and see him in person before you decide if this is a sign of being interested or not. Responses to texst aren't a good way to tell. Trust me, it'll drive you crazy if you question his attraction towards you by that!


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