She said she'd take a rain check..

So I have been eating with just this girl at work during lunch probably around 5 times in the last few months. I usually have to setup the time and what not and recently things are getting fairly busy for both of us. So off and on she states she has work events going on during her lunch hour. So I asked her out for coffee at the start of the week (for the weekend) I asked her about lunch in the same email. After telling me she couldn't eat with me the last week she stated I could come with her while she ran this errand and that she would come and pick me up and then go to lunch; however then the email stated that she hoped I wasn't disappointed about this weekend and then stated "can I take a rain check on that." Help guys/gals. I was thinking about just giving her a week and then maybe saying something...?

We did go to lunch however, just not coffee yet. I have already brought it up again twice, but I knew she was busy. I just wanted to let her know I was still interested... so I might look "needy". Should I wait for her now? Maybe she was blowing me off, a tad bit confused.


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  • Go on the errand with her and then to lunch. It sounds like she's really busy. You can't assume that she's deliberately evading you. It would help if she did some of the lunch arranging though. Maybe ask her to give you a call if she has time for lunch/coffee next week. If she doesn't arrange something within the next two weeks, then she's probably not interested. Also, notice I said to tell her to call you within one week, but give her 2 weeks. That way, if she's really too busy to do anything during the one week, she will somehow make it up to you in the second week if she's interested.

    • That sounds like good advice, thanks Lilyaris. Since then I actually have had lunch with her again. I also met some of her friends on another lunch which kind of happened by accident. I've brought up having coffee with her and I told her she would have to let me know when she has a weekend free. So far I haven't heard anything since we last met; it didn't sound like she was doing anything this weekend... I could be wrong. I feel if I say something again I will look desperate.

    • Yeah, I don't suggest mentioning the coffee again until she does. You MIGHT be seen as desperate. However, while we may think we are being desperate, the other person doesn't even notice. It's like... hating our laugh while our SO thinks it's sexy.

      She may very well have had plans or had something come up (like friends invite her out to do something) before she got the chance to call you.

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