I'm going on a first date with a guy to the bar tonight...

Don't worry, my friends will also be there.

I'm wondering if he should be expected to buy the drinks for me.

I'm planning on buying my own anyways. This is just a question.


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  • Does your date know there will be friends tagging along? If you didn't tell him, he probably won't like the surprise. Let him get the first round of drinks. When it comes time to reorder, insist on getting the next round. It will show him that you are trying to enjoy the conversation, not just trying to mooch drinks. Seriously though, if he doesn't know about the friends, don't bring them along. If he does and agreed to it, that's different. Good luck on your date!

    • When he asked if I wanted to hangout, I told him that I was going to the bar with friends. So he knew they were going to be there.

      The first thing he said when I got there was, "do you need a drink". That answered my question. And when I finished my beer, I went to the bathroom, by the time I got back he already had a second for me.

      I think he liked me. lol

    • Glad to hear that worked out for you. Drop by my wall and post an update as things progress! :)

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