Why isn't she calling back? :(

Went on a first date a couple days ago. I thought it went really well overall. I could have sworn I heard her say "I like you". But maybe not. Anyway I tried to kiss her at the end but she said "no not yet". I text her after I get home saying I had a ton of fun and that we should go out again if she wants and she responded saying she "had a great time too" and that she will see what her schedule looks like next week. I said I'd call her sometime and she said "sounds good".

So I tried calling her today. No answer. I left a message and she hasn't responded. The first time I called her to set up the first date I also left a voice mail and she did call back. But not this time.

So no kiss and her not calling back gives me a bad feeling. If she really didn't like me why would she say "not yet" for the kiss, that she "had a great time", and that it sounds good that I call her sometime. If I had no chance at a second date why would she even respond to my text afterwards?

Yeah yeah, I know...she might be busy. But it seems like in the past 8 hours she should have found time to respond. The first voice mail I left she responded to in a couple hours...

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  • Give it more time. She could be busy, hasn't checked her phone, or doesn't want to appear too eager to return your calls quickly. If it is the last option, don't worry too much at this stage of the game. Remember, girls play games as do guys. It doesn't mean she's not interested PERIOD. Before you make any more moves, wait for her to respond.

    • Well she hasn't responded yet. It's been over 24 hours, so is it safe to say that she just isn't interested? Or how long would be the longest I should still hold out hope she will call back? And do you think I should try texting her sometime in the week, maybe on Tuesday?

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    • Ok in that case I could get a half dozen numbers somewhat easy I would think. I thought you meant get 6 numbers from really attractive girls, and I was like...ummm are you god? hahaha. I'll stick to finding the right girl so I don't waste my time ;)

    • I'm not god, but plenty of practice with all girls really helps. I don't do this any longer, only because I feel very comfortable not getting hung up on a single girl. In the beginning, it is easier to get hung up like she's "the last thing" you'll ever get to interact with. You start doing this and out comes needy behavior. That's why I recommend extra girls and extra dates. Once you get more comfortable, go for quality over quantity.

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  • 8 hours is nothing! Give her 24 to 48 hours. Gosh, people get really busy with school & work. Don't keep calling it looks too clingy. Wait a day or 2 or 3. Then call again. If no answer, same thing, leave a message saying hi, how are you. Had a nice time with you & would like to see you again. If you would to, give me a call.

    You could even say that you'd like to see her this weekend.

    Then, the ball is most definitely in her court & then you will know. No guess work to that story.

    Good luck.

  • give her more time.. you can't rush these things.. unless she doesn't call you after a week then be worried.. not a few days.. give her sometime.. be patient.. and do NOT keep trying to call her.. it'll come off clingy and needy.. best of luck man!

    • But if you really like a guy, why would you wait so long to respond to the voice mail?

      Why wouldn't you read this as she just doesn't like me? No kiss and then not answering or responding. I don't mean to look at this negatively but this isn't looking good for me.

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    • haha you know what...I just randomly saw her today and she was texting so f that I'm done. I could do better anyway so I'm moving on. Thanks for your answers anyway haha

    • oh sry to hear it.. but ya I totally understand.. and np

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  • Give it more time. and whatever you do DON'T freak out by calling her over and over. That's the worst thing you can do. just be more patient.

    • haha yea I'm not going to be calling back like that. But how long do you think I should still hold out hope that she's going to respond? Like what's the latest you think she would respond before it shows she isn't interested?

    • Give her at least one day. if not, just write her off as 'not interested'

    • Im starting to think she just isn't interested but I swear she was. Shoul I give it another try though in a couple days? And should it be a text or call?

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