What should I do about this guy and this relationship?

So I started dating this guy recently, but it is just not a type of relationship I have ever been in before. He "says" he likes me and all this stuff, but he is not a very good boyfriend. And does and O and E of the stuff I have done in relationships before. You know how like in a relationship you hang out together. After school and before school, during school. Walk to classes together, sit together. Go on dates. Hang out with friends, get to know each other better. Hang out with family, but this guy just doesn't do any of this. He is one of the W O are S T boyfriends I have ever had. I have had boyfriends before and we talk A L L T H E T I M E! ! that is how you get to know each other text and talk on the phone. He just does not do that. He texts me like 3-4/5 times barely a day and when he stops his excuse is "My phone died, sorry." Last time I checked E V E are why phone came with a charger and he said he has a new phone! I have had boyfriends before that

just wanted to date me because of my body parts or whatever and they were even still better. They still called and talked to me, more than this guy does. Though I have never did anything with them before. ANYWAY, he has also said that he "had 3-4 relationships and they were long term." but if he acts like this, I don't even understand how that is true. He is one of the worst bfs I have had. I H O and E S T L why want to break up with him and this is really making not want to date. I am just so upset at myself for even saying yes to this guy, if I knew that he would be such a bad boyfriend. I kind of planed how I want to say it when I break up with him, but it is going to come out all wrong and really mean and I don't want to do that. He is a nice guy, but just not a good boyfriend.

What should I do? Please I need some advice. I don't know how to handle this and I think I may be blowing this out of proportion, maybe.

Oh, sorry if some of it isn't making sense. It my auto correct. :/


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  • Yea, you are making a pretty big deal out of this. Maybe his phone does die a lot. Maybe you need to talk to him about it and tell him how you feel and that the way he's handling the relationship isn't working for you.. See if he'll make an effort to change that... If not, he probably isn't worth your time

    • Thank You, so much. That's all I needed was some reassurance about this situation.

      Even if this is the only comment I get, this a a good one. I'm gonna talk to him tomorrow.

    • I'm glad... You're welcome :D

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