A sign I shouldn't be getting involved if we both did something this stupid?

This girl and I had been hanging out/loosely dating for about 3 weeks til this last weekend. I've stayed at her place sleeping next to her twice, we've been walking arm in arm, spend hours at a time in each others' company... basically more than friends but officially still ONLY friends.

We both went to the same party last night. And we both got absolutely plastered. We did several rounds of shots together, things were going well for a while but then she disappeared to use the bathroom. I then find out she's behind a locked door with a former hookup of hers. I didn't take that news well, and drank a bit more. From what I can piece together an ex of MINE came up to talk to me. We actually have something legit to discuss, a mutual friend is pretty messed up. Evidently we did talk for a while but then I walked her back to her place. I'd told a friend 'no way in heck anything happens'.

I assume I passed out at her place, because all I know is I woke up at 5am with her hand down my jeans kissing me. I got the hell out of there once I realized where I was and what was going on, she insisted she started everything but still. I found out the next morning the girl I HAD been seeing and still more than half like had legit only gone to throw up, had been blackout drunk and her ex-hookup started coming on to her. Had he not been epicly cockblocked by a friend of mine she probably would have slept with him.

She felt bad enough to come talk to me the next day, walking 4 miles to get to my place. She told me she felt like sh*t, and even though she was blackout drunk it wasn't an excuse, there is no way that would have happened sober though. When she seemed really upset I laughed and told her I had f***ed up just as bad, explained what had happened to ME. We both kind of laughed hysterically for a bit, got lunch together, agreed last night never happened and proceeded to go back to my place to watch a movie and kiss for a while...

We agreed we're still just friends for now, but the way things are trending it could easily still go several ways. Should I really be getting involved with this girl after something like this?


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  • If you like her yes because you were both "blackout" drunk and you both made the same mistake so how could you hold that against her ?

    • Not holding it against her, I honestly just don't know how to view what just happened. We don't owe each other anything, we both could easily have hooked up with someone else last night (but didn't), and though we're still 'just friends who don't owe each other anything' from our conversation today we still ended up cuddling and making out for near 4 hours, barely 12 hours after someone else had just been kissing us. This is just ridiculous.

    • Well if you don't feel comfertable with it then stop "talking" to her. But now that you said that it does seem a little weird, if I was you I wouldn't try anymore.

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