Confused about a friend, did it mean more?

I was at a party the other day, and everyone who went was quite a close friend of mine. We all stayed over, and one of my guy friends and I shared an arm chair. Once the lights were turned out, he started getting closer, and we were holding hands and snuggling up together. He tried to kiss me a few times, but I kept turning my head 'cause he was a bit drunk and this seemed quite out of the blue (we've been getting closer recently, but he's not been flirty really or anything) I tried to talk to him about it the next morning, he admitted he was quite drunk but wouldn't really say anything else.

So...I guess what I'm asking is, what do you think it meant? Do you think he was just drunk or is just saying that because I didn't kiss him back? He didn't seem that drunk to me, but then I know he never seems 'out of control'. What should I do? What did it mean? :S


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  • well. the easiest way to figure it out is to just ask him about his intentions I suppose. but anyway. I think there are two paths here:

    1. alcohol lowers social inhibitions. its like liquid courage. before, when he was totally sober, perhaps he didn't have the guts to approach you, and now, after a few pints/shots/whatever, he does.

    2. he was drunk and was just messing around.

    i kind think its the first one, because the way you said it kinda makes him embarressed... but idk...

    • I know, I tried to ask him about it but I can't tell if he's not answering because he was just drunk or because he thinks I'm not interested.And I'm not 100% sure if I am or not, so don't want to do anything hurtful. He seems kinda distant now too... :/

    • yeah. I think he might be beating himself up over it... and he's not sure what to do, same with you I guess. good luck figuring it all out!

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