I'm not sure if he took this the wrong way?

Late last night, I was trying to make plans with the guy I was dating, to meet up that night, but we each ended up having other events that came up, so our plans fell through. We agreed that we'll meet up for lunch some other day. Towards the end of that conversation, I had meant to express that I was kinda bummed I couldn't see him, so I texted him something jokingly like, "thanks for getting my hopes up tonight!" but when I think back on it, and the context (it WAS late at night), I feel like it sounded as though I was hoping to hook up with him. We don't ever meet up just to hook up, but what if that's what he thinks I want now? We are only newly dating, and we have not talked about what it is that we're doing. I don't want him to start categorizing me as someone who'd be down for a physical-only relationship, but does what I said made me sound very casual about that? How do I correct it?


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  • It doesn't sound like you were referring just to hooking up. It sounds like you were bummed that plans fell through, which you were. Don't stress yourself out.

  • I don't think he'd get that from your text...?

    • sorry, I forgot to mention another thing - what we were discussing was trying to meet up at a party, and we would definitely have had a few drinks together, and you know how that goes... I just wanted to see him, but I feel like he could have interpreted my regret as me wanting just to be with him in that kind of setting.

    • He could have, as I'm sure it's in his mind, but he could also have just chalked it up to the drinks talking. I wouldn't worry