What should I do in this situation?

I can't tell if he really wants anything to do with me, is just nice or like other people in my life that he knows just doesn't want me to kill him if I go crazy, there's this one girl who was kinda a ***** but then started to be nice in case I go psycho so I don't kill her and has her friends do the same and they really don't like me. So I meant someone he added me on FB so I talked to him and he kept talking to me and used to tell me to text him and that he has to go, so I would. He told me things like made up lies about the classes he was in last year and that he would help me (they were higher level classes and honors and stuff) I asked him for help but he didn't really know what he was doing. Later I was told that he wasn't really in those classes and is just a dumbass. When I text him and stuff on the weekends anyway he always responds but on the weekends the convo barely lasts and he says that he has to go cos he's with people. He says that all the time on the weekends though. He never texts me or talks to me first but he does like being talked to first. But should I even bother with him? Like does he really want anything to do with me? Or is he just too nice to say ignore me and is just really nice? I think he may be the right boy to actually put in my life I have had a tendency of thinking to highly of people and being ****** over and treated awfully in the end. SHould I bother with him would he want anything to do with me? SHould I just wait for him or just give up? He could just be being so kind cos that girl made him so I don't kill him if I go psycho and kill everyone...IDK


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  • You should probably avoid going crazy and killing people.

    also I think he is just being nice if you are always the one initiating the conversations, then he always has to go midway through. Don't waste your time on him.