What should I do about him?

Ok I think I'm this close to losing a guy that's intrested in me ... :-( so we been texting and flirting for 2 days .. today was the officail we hit it off . we on the same page except I said be together and he was like that's wassup but I got of a relationship and we texted about it and now...he stopped .. :-( do you think I'm moving to fast and how do I get him to talk to me agin ...hope he not mad at me ... really like him... </3


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  • Just don't text him now until he texts you.

    • thats so hard ... what could he be thinking

    • It's hard but you need to wait. It's hard to read men's minds, they are confusing creatures. But the more you don't text him the more they'll probably be thinking about you ;)

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