I like him a lot, but am I just not important to him?

The thing that is throwing me off about this guy is the fact that he DOESN'T SEEM TO BE making much of an effort to contact me or set "dates". He only set the first one and then after that I was mostly me. We can't see each other much because we are busy and live one hour away. For the few times that we see each other IN PERSON he shows interest, but when we are apart I feel like I'm doing the work.

We've gone out a couple times now and although we never called them "dates", they end up feeling like one.

We aren't OFFICIALLY dating or anything, but we just planned to go out this weekend and I suggested that we spend our time by the ocean. Here's how the conversation went...

He says... "Sounds perfect. :) Actually... it seems kind of romantic... Are you trying to woo me? xP"

I say... "Hm, it is working? ;) After all, I've been blessed with the ability to charm."

**Then before having a chance to read my above response via Facebook, he texts me saying that he couldn't make it on Saturday because he had a lot of homework to do and he going to be busy all Sunday . But he'd like to reschedule.

**Upon reading my Facebook message, he replies...

He says... "Haha, you're telling me. xP"

He also included a more detailed explanation as to why he couldn't make it, and that he was sorry. He also mentioned that he didn't know when he would be free next, but he'd "love to sometime soon. :)"

I don't know how much homework he actually has, but I do know he honestly IS busy on Sunday.

Am I just not that important to him? Should I keep trying?


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  • It sounds like this could just be a case of him being too busy, but I'm also not too impressed by his wishy washy "Love to sometime soon :)" because that leaves you wondering when that sometime will happen. For some reason, guys are so less concerned with concrete plans than we are. I wouldn't give up on this guy entirely, but I sure as heck would give him the chance to make the next move for planning. You shouldn't have to do all the initiation, especially since he seems to be so busy and hard to work around. Let him make the call about your next outing. It might take a while for him to notice that you haven't done any planning recently, but trust me, it'll happen. And by making him do the work, you make sure that he's just as invested as you are. And on the off chance that he doesn't ever make plans (which I doubt) you know to cut your losses.


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