Should I give him another try or just leave him alone?

On our first date I acted really emotional and a bit insecure during our date and now he has a different perception of me because he doesn't text me anymore. Before he asked me out on a date the texting was mutual and then he started texting me more than I did him because I didn't wanna make myself too available and it worked. But on our date I kind of screwed it up:/.. I don't want him to have that perception of me because that isn't me at all. I was just really nervous because it was my first date. I also kind of made it worse by constantly texting him after our date because I over analyzed a text that he sent me saying 'text me if you wanna do it again'(dinner). I did and we set up a day but then he canceled because he caught the flu and I havnt talked to him since.. This was in the beginning of jan. should I try to talk to him or just leave him alone? He was able to initiate our first date so I know he can take charge when he wants something but I just hate that fact that that's how he thinks of me now when that's not me. We knew each other in high school and I was the very outgoing girl and he was the shy guy and on our date it was the opposite which he wasn't expecting. What should I do.. This is our last text convo in the beginning of jan..

The last text I sent him:

Me: Ben! How are you? How's school :)

Him: Hey Anna. I'm good, thank you. School is kinda hard though even now. How are u?

Me: I'm good:) school starts for me on mon.. What classes are you taking?

Him:Physics, biochem, Chem bio, and a lab :/ you?

Me: neurobio right? Yea that is a handful:(.. But I'm sure you can handle it. I'm taking a&p micro and American politics..just thought I'd say hi:) gnite Ben:)



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  • no way I know a ben that is just as shy lol! but I'm sure its not the same one I'm in west virginia :/; OK so for one I don't think your insane like the dude that commented, but if you wanna go out for dinner again I think you should just text him and be like "hey, if ud like to I would like to go out to eat again", I mean what's the worse that could happen? rejection? yes but at least you tried and at least then you won't have to wonder if there could have been something there.


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  • You seem kind of insane.

    • :/.. An explanation of why you think I'm insane would be more helpful.. And then maybe I could change my behavior..

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    • No.. I posted it so that guys can look at it to see if they can tell if he could be interested or he's just being nice.. What do you read from it if you don't mind me asking

    • I'm not going to presume to read his mind. People are very different. Just based on this it's the same as a coin toss. Only way to know is to either wait or do more than hinting and just ask like I said.

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  • maybe he's gotten interested in hailey.

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