Girls what would you like to do on your first date with a guy?

I'm thinking of asking this girl out that I like. She is 7 years younger than me, we work and go to school together. We had a disagreement a couple weeks ago and she was mad at me, but it's been a couple weeks, and she's started talking to me again. So I'd like to ask her out possibly even for Valentine's Day. She's kinda quite, so I'm not quite sure what she'd like to do. What would you girls like to do?


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  • Ask her if she'd like to go to the park! :)

    Maybe a new movie that's coming out, you know-pay for her and hold the door-etc.

    Girls love it when guys are romantic :3

    And in the end, give her a kiss- lips or forehead!- we think is so cute <3!

    Good luck!

  • well you could go out to a movie or dinner

    but, if she's like me sitting at home on the couch watching a movie and talking some is ten times better (:


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