He went to Vegas and only texted me a few times. What should I do?

I've been dating this nice guy for about 7 months. Met all his friends and his family loves me. We are not close however. This weekend was his brothers bachelor party in Vegas and all I got was a few texts sat during the day. He made no effort to see me before he left and I'm very hurt by that. He usually always initiates contact but we only see each other once or twice a week. Spent the night together maybe 4 times. I would have thought he would tell me how much he missed me and that him being away would bring us closer but nope. How do I react when he gets home and calls me? I feel like I'm being taken for granted. Advice please


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  • It sounds like this particular event isn't the issue in and of itself, but rather is part of a larger pattern, and that's really the issue.

    Him going to a bachelor party in Vegas is a big "guy's weekend" and let's be realisitc, you can't expect him to be calling or texting you the entire time. If you were having a "girl's weekend" in Vegas, I promise you that you'd be out having a good time and the time would fly by.

    The real problem here is that you don't feel that he gives you enough attention or consideration overall. And you may well be right, but before you make that decision, make sure that you aren't asking too much of him, and make sure that you've communicated your needs and desires to him. You can't blame him for not giving you something if he doesn't know you want/need it.

    But in the end, if he isn't meeting your needs, and isn't willing to adjust come to a compromise that you can both live with, then it means that the two of you aren't compatible, and in that case, it is best if you went your separate ways.


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  • He was at a party all weekend. He texted you a few times. That's pretty good.

    • I didn't expect for him to stay in constant contact with me the whole weekend but at least one phone call or text when he landed and a goodnight text would've been nice since he always texts me goodnight. I see all his guy friends writing their girl friends how much they miss them on Facebook and making their drunken love confessions, meanwhile I got nothing. Just "how are ya" and "miss ya". It's so frustrating because I know damn well he called his sister to check up on his dog every day. It wa

    • Have you spoken to him? Is it that he doesn't feel it, or he doesn't like to express it, or what? Does he know its important to you?

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