My boyfriend kisses his half sister and more...what to do?

I know this has probably been asked/brought up before. I was looking for some feedback myself. My boyfriend is in his 20s with a teen sister and they kiss on the mouth embracing one another. They flirt like high school teens and not to mention there's a lot of the sister asking for inappropriate favors like a back rub for example. I brought it up to my boyfriend and he gets how it looks bad and says they were raised! To my knowledge any religion would disown you over behavior with a sibling like this. The entire family is screwy and lives in la la land but this is break up worthy I think. No family member has ever pointed out their behavior so this must be normal to immediate family, except every now and then you see weird looks on peoples faces, aunts and uncles, when they do interact. It's becoming obvious they were more manipulated and almost brain washed, the mom has a bad childhood past and is kookey herself. I don't know what to do except leave him. I don't see a difference even though he said things would change, that was almost 7 months ago and I'm still hearing or seeing weird behavior. The sisters friend has called them out on it before as well. Yes I don't see anymore kissing, but I don't live with them, who knows what's going on when I'm not around. The sister seems very obsessed with her brother, and not to mention they are half siblings. What do I do though? It's been brought up, it hasn't changed. I love him but the thought of other history in this behavior my love is fading into disgust and worry. He is reminding me a bit of a sociopath sometimes. I have witnessed too much for there not to have been more or further actions. I feel as the days go by something else comes up about a family members past that adds onto their behavior. He says he tells m everything but it's apparent a lot is missing still.


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  • I think you need to go with your gut on this one. This is definitely NOT normal sibling behavior, not even close. And as you say, there's likely to be more going on, and it doesn't sound like it's going to stop anytime soon.

    When this kind of thing goes on, it's obvious that the whole family knows and accepts it, or even outright approves of it. Lots of families have a leader that is really twisted, who then kind of brainwashes everyone else into following those beliefs. Very bad things often result, and continue for generations. Would you want kids with this guy, and having him teaching your kids the same thing?

    Do what you need to do.

    • thank you, I appreciate the information I actuallly think I may find some counseling service for him then be on my way.

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  • If I was in your shoes I'd leave him. The whole thing is rather off putting,to kiss your own sister (even if their half siblings) it's not right. And as you've said you've asked him to stop,correct? He has not done what you have asked of him and the situation may become worse. Go with what your gut tells you.

    • right, he's brought it up to his mom and sister supposedly but I'm like well why hasn't it stopped then, so as I said to the comment above I am going to find him some counseling serviceas and move on.

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