What does "Maybe" mean in this case?

So a few weeks ago, this girl talked to me and I had never really noticed her before. afterward we talked a bit, I got her number, we had a "chem study session" (we're in college). We texted for a week or so and she would almost always respond right away. Then this past Saturday I hung out with her, got her to laugh for most of it, and at the end I said to her "(insert name), I like you, you wanna go out sometime?" She said "I might not be able to, I have some things to finish up at home, but I'll let you know." So today... 1.6 ish days later, I went to her dorm room, knocked and said "(insert name), did you ever get a chance to think about what I said on Saturday?" She said she would be going home to celebrate her friends birthday. So I asked "Wanna do it next week?" and she said maybe... so that's 2 maybes in a row ... what do I do lol?

I'm pretty good looking and keep myself fit... for additional details

Body language wise it felt good...


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  • Just leave it alone. Stop asking her about it & just see what she'll do about it. I know I know, you didn't ask that many times & I get that but for now, I just think it might be better to let it go or wait.


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  • I think you should ignore her for a while, trust me once the girl see that you have lost interest (which you really didn't) she will look for you!

  • Stop trying so hard ahah..

    give the girl time:p

    if you keep asking her and hounding her about it,

    the more likely she will be pushed away.

    give her time to finish up things and think about it.


    • Well I only asked once after Saturday night...

    • oh alright, well just wait another week or two and if she doesn't bring it up,

      ask her again:p

      Maybe's can be good or bad, buuuut time will only tell

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