So nervous to hang out! Ideas or help?

I just met this really really really cute guy today! He asked me out to lunch and it was really great :) Then before he left he wanted to know if after class we could watch a movie in my dorm room tonight on my laptop. I said sure! and he's coming up at 10 so we can watch Monty Python :)

However, I'm really nervous! I've had dates and a boyfriend before, but no one this cute, so I get all jittered up and tense when around him :/

What should I do to become more comfortable? Also, what do you think his intentions for tonight are? Do you think he'll want to kiss and cuddle or what?



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  • I think he'll want a lot more than that if he's coming over at 10. Have a good time but be prepared for him to make a strong move. The 'dorm room movie night' date typically means 'hookup time.'

    • Yeah, that's what I there such thing as a guy who just literally wants to watch a movie? Or do they ALL have expectations?

    • Yes there definitely is. All guys will probably take the opportunity if it arises, but not all of them will expect it. You just have to be watchful.

  • Yeahh sounds like a hookup. Like if you want to get to know someone who you JUST met, you wouldn't watch a movie, you'd hardly be talking ha ha If you don't want just a hookup, make sure you're assertive and say no if things start going further than you want. I'd think it was weird if he even tried kissing me THE DAY we met, you know? But if he was that cute I'd probably make out with him anyway... hahah

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