How much communication during the early stages?

We've met up a couple of times and we enjoy each others company. I'm still unsure whether she sees me as more than a friend atm. She doesn't do much initiating but will always respond to my texts etc. I don't want to blow it so am just wondering how often other people communicate with guys/gals they are attracted to?

Also just out of a 4 year relationship so still feel a little apprehensive about opening up!


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  • well if it was me Iam really shy if I like the guy a lot and I sit there and think about texting them but then I don't. There's this guy like I'm just 100% in love with him and it takes a lot for me text call him because butterflies get so bad in my stomach.I love when he calls text me it makes me so so happy. He use to do it a lot in the beggining and I could wait to get off work to have him call me it was the best part of my day if she answers all of your text then I think you should just keep initiaitng maybe she's like me and you are making her day. Becuase this guy he is on my mind 24/7. We are not dating I guess like FWB in case your wondering.


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