International dating stories

Has anyone dated/or still dating anyone from outside the country? What country were/are they from and what was your experience? What's the fuss about that person? I'm curious to learn and maybe there are any warnings?


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  • MOST of my memorable expeirnece have been with French or other Latin women with brio and the willingness to not count money during the date.

    The women from other cultures have so much more depth and are so much more passionate and affectionate that I have long since stopped looking seriously at our US girls.

    • Pretty interesting, this hits too close to home, so NO answers except mine!!

    • Hey rocking, since no one else had the balls to answer, how about giving me a 'best answer?

  • I dated a girl from France I met while on a backpacking trip, we are no longer dating but we still talk once and a while.

    The reason I think is because foreign girls are way more interesting as martyfellow has already stated.


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