It seems like I only acctracted guys with serious self esteem issues! Why? What do I do?

Every relationship I've been in the guy ended up being extremely clingy and fishing for compliments. They always claim that they're ugly and don't deserve to be with me. They all do the same thing! Things start off great and then they get insecure. They think I've lost interest in them and I spend all my time trying to convince them otherwise. Then they start calling and texting constantly because they think I'm off with some other guy.

It's gotten to the point where I don't want to date anymore. Every relationship is the same!

What do I do?

Sorry for the title typo lol


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  • its called the "mothers effect"if I remember pyschology at all.

    • what's that?

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    • So it's my fault that these guys are attracted to me? Like, It's something I'm doing to make them think I can help them?

    • oops sorry my mistake didn't read question right. trying multitask. my apologies ma'am.

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