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Okay I'm in a almost 5 month relationship, me an girlfriend going through some rough times. She wanted to separate till we meet. But that won't be for awhile since I have school that I just started, so I thought it was a bad idea and thought I'd just leave for a bit completely without talking so that happening now to see how it goes, we still love each other she just doesn't know what to do and neither do I how could I rekindle our love I really don't wanna lose her.


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  • She probably said she wanted to separate until you meet because she needs more security in the relationship. Until you two meet, the connection that depends on physical touch won't be there. After connecting intellectually, the next step is to connect physically. (like hold hands or something, maybe kiss. I'm not talking about sex, because it takes a while of touching to become physically comfortable for that step.)

    The more you two talk online, the more she's going to feel like she wants someone to actually be there with her to snuggle, kiss, etc. The relationship will start to feel hollow in a way. It's like... an imaginary friend. You talk to it all the time as you're growing up and even imagine that it's talking to you, but you can't FEEL it. You can't touch it. So, you start to talk to it less and less. Eventually, it fades away. If you two can't come to some agreement about meeting (a set date), then, that's how your relationship is going to end up. Because, let's face it. It's not like she's going to randomly run into you in the streets or something.

    Plan a weekend or even a day to drive/fly up. It's a monetary investment, but if she's worth it, you need to do it. School doesn't meet on weekends. If you're not willing to do that, then really, she's right to want to separate until you actually meet. Especially if it's already been 5 months.


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